Meet Lauren Hamilton

Director of Client Services and Operations

Lauren Hamilton is the Director of Client Services and Operations for Strategic Financial Services.

Lauren has 14 years of experience in the Financial Services Industry with an emphasis on client services and opportunistic ideas for the CPA’s tax planning.

Lauren loves financial services, especially getting to know clients and building genuine long-lasting relationships. Her goal is to know clients so well that she is thinking of their needs even before they ask!

“Partnering to maintain a client’s investment and insurance portfolio is important.  It’s my job to help clients understand why specific actions are necessary and completed in a timely manner. Along the way I try to create automated systems so clients won’t overlook premium payment dates or taking timely distributions for Required Minimum Distributions.  Anything I can do to make life less complicated and more of a pleasure is what makes me love my role at Strategic.”

Lauren received her B.B.A. in Management and a B.S. in Merchandising from Texas Tech University in 2006.

In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering with the Junior League of Houston, exploring new Tex-Mex restaurants, and watching Football. Her team favorites are the Kansas City Chiefs and The Red Raiders of Texas Tech.  Lauren is a sports geek, test her sometime!