Our Approach

As an entrepreneur you face decisions every day. One of those is compensation. In today’s competitive economy, the ability to recruit, retain and reward employees is critical to the success of any business. It’s always a delicate balance to reward yourself and your employees while ensuring you’re investing enough back into your company.

We’ve helped companies from inception through all stages of growth. We work with founders to put in place all of the important buy/sell agreements, disability protections, retirement planning strategies, employee compensation/benefits and business exit strategies.

Our sister company, Strategic Benefits Solutions,  handles health and related benefits, working with business owners to provide benefits—for owners, executives, managers and employees.

Are you planning on retiring completely or do you plan on alternating between working and retirement? Developing a retirement plan that meets your goals and expectations can be time consuming and time is valuable. Choosing an investment strategy, managing the assets within the strategy and regularly maintaining the plan to adjust for market changes is a job of which business owner have little time for.

With our help, the retirement planning challenge becomes simple and easier to fit within a complicated business schedule. We will work with you to develop a custom investment solution that is tailored to your goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. We will focus on who you are as an investor and leverage the revenues of your business to meet your personal retirement goals.

Stepping away from the business you have worked so hard to build for so many years may be hard to imagine, and for business owners, retirement is never simple. An exit/succession plan for your business will help you to transition into retirement without the stress and worry of how your departure will affect your business, your employees, your finances or the legacy you may want to leave to your loved ones.

In addition to planning out your transition into full or partial retirement, your plan will also consider the possibility of an unexpected exit from your business due to disability, financial hardship or death. Your plan will act as a blueprint for what will happen with your business operations, employees, and financials in the event you are not able to run things.

A key employee is someone in your business who if not there, could cost you the difference between profit or loss. Sometimes that difference is in generating revenue, sometimes it’s their talent maintaining satisfied clients and customers. “Key man insurance” is a way to reward these loyal people for their years of service while offering them a compelling reason to stay with you for the long-term.

From golden handcuffs to the security of cash flow, key man policies can serve a multitude of needs, and may be more valuable than traditional raises and bonuses. These policies (which can also be written on you as a key employee) can be as simplistic or as unconventional as you want to design them. For instance, an unconventional approach would be to put a permanent policy in place that would pay the employee supplemental retirement payments at a certain age–like a pension—except that payments can be designed to not be taxable to them.

Given the limits imposed by the IRS on contributions to traditional qualified retirement plans, solutions like key man insurance can help you and your key people achieve their retirement goals and encourage them to stay with the firm beyond the normal “one size fits all” 401(k) plan.

A retirement plan is one of the most valuable employee benefits you can offer. It’s important to take care of employees who make the difference between success and failure, as well as yourself and your family. Everyone is living longer and Social Security doesn’t cover all living expenses for most people, so retirement planning is critical.

For a plan sponsor, or company that offers qualified plans like 401(k)s, important legal responsibilities accompany offering retirement benefits. While the laws governing retirement plans and their fiduciaries may appear complex, complying with them doesn’t have to be. If you work with a company like ours, which is both independent and bound by fiduciary laws, we offer services designed to ensure you’re offering highly-rated funds and investment options with low fees and costs.

As one of Houston’s most respected health insurance brokerages, Strategic Benefit Solutions, SBS, has proudly managed hundreds of clients over the course of 25 years.

We want to help businesses realize that the critical decision linking employee benefits success versus mediocre results is selecting the right partner as your consulting broker.

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