Physicians are uniquely individual.

Your financial strategy should be, too.

You watch the health of your patients, but who is watching the health of your finances?

As a physician, you may earn a higher level of income, but you may also have a higher level of debt from medical school. You may have also started your own practice, placing more focus on the balance between business growth and  personal financial management.

No matter what the case, most doctors don’t have the time to address financial issues, both personally and professionally. We work with physicians to discover the best way to reduce debt and build wealth simultaneously. 

Additionally, we have extensive experience with small businesses and the issues that may face. Along with Strategic Financial Service financial planning and investment management services, our benefits division, Strategic Benefits Solution, focuses on aligning our clients with custom solutions that meet operational, philosophical and financial needs. That means no matter what piece of the benefits puzzle requires attention; our consultants will address it for you.

Distinctly individual investment strategies.

We incorporate a next generation investing philosophy into our investment strategy and asset allocation designs. Unlike a traditional risk tolerance approach, where all of your investment assets are aggregated and allocated based upon your maximum risk tolerance, we segregate your assets by each goal and develop allocations with the appropriate risk tolerance and capacity.

With a broad selection of investment and management strategies, we are able to evaluate each client’s situation and apply the most appropriate investment recommendations. Our investment committee has developed strategies that will give you the ability to invest based on your time frame, your goals, and your risk tolerance. We want to help you build confidence and we will never take unnecessary risk.

Our professional mission is to give our clients unbiased and knowledgeable advice.

To that end, we strive to be credible and confident in the advice we provide. We are committed to demonstrating our service and advice in a consistent manner, and on addressing the unique and specific needs of physicians and their families - this is our commitment to you.

Investment Strategy

High income earners have a special set of needs when it comes finances, focusing on tax planning and investment strategies developed within a completely customized approach.

Estate & Legacy Planning

We integrating your financial plan, investment strategies, and tax strategies within your estate and legacy plan, focusing on wealth transfer and preservation.

Financial Planning

This can include everything from assessing and building a custom financial plan, to utilizing our wealth management system to view hypothetical scenarios within your plan.